Its a super space race.

A race to space that’ll restore our grace.


God gave us so much space,

To enjoy, love and play within,

But we wanted more,

we wanted to grasp until we were sore.


If were not cultivating the land,

using our hands on god given grand.

Aren’t we whore’s canibalising remains,

of the couples who provided more than they gained.


Their legacy,

their work,

even their words,

makes our experiences and we contemplate their demand.


But do we go and live their life,

go and see where they breathed and died.

Do we know their friends and foes,

do we know what went and what goes.


Fact is,

we don’t know shit,

so much learning,

no end of it.


Trouble is

we think is best,

when just sitting there

with some silent space behest.


We all have steam,

we’re all burning within,

we’re all trying to change the world,

to bring about chargrin.


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