Twenty Four Ten our spidey’s detected Ren.

His raps are good,

or even gold,

expresses emotions,

which we all fold.


His music shines,

with a few good hits,

Violet, hi Ren,

I love those bits.


Its hard and harsh,

like music should.

Rings our souls,

like a four b’two wood.


The tempo changes,

the monologue.

Tells us a tail,

like no-one should.


We all know,

that it goes on.

Dystopic and distruptic,

yea – some blokes are dumb.


Been there myself,

in an educated Faze.

Thinking I own,

thinking I’ve played.


Marriage Counciling,

Therapy too.

All cause I’m told,

that I smelled of poo.


Out it comes,

in an emotional delight.

requesting dissecting,

fighting the flight.


But every time something occured,

she’d stand there stunned directing the hurt.

So over time – I have relyed,

on her grounded kurt – not in the replies.



back to Ren.

Check him out,

Cause Rensmusic’s da ben.




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