Seven of ten, twenty twenty three.

All our certs went to Storm-0558,

wanna see?


Getting reports from erroneous err’s,

as hackers and crackers know more of our Sirs.

Shutting down our clients at will,

reconfiguring certificates is as good as hell.


But as it turns,

in a twist of fate,

the hand that protects us,

is up for debate.


You’d think Microsoft,

holder of keys,

Is trustworthy and dependable,

But they’re on their knees.


So in fact,

as it stands,

Our governments are compromised,

Yet no-one cares.


Just fix it,

do what you must.

Should I tell them,

Its better off as dust.


The world wide web,

In all it glory.

Has become ugly, distorted,

and heavily pervorted.


It was the people,

That I learned to trust,

Now all my work,

has gone to rust.


Why doesn’t it appear,

all over the news,

To stop windows, azure,

and all those bings clues.


Because the org’s got clout,

Influence and charm,

Plus money enough,

left to do harm.


So fair warning my friend,

You’ve been told,

So don’t come complaining,

when your crypto goes mold.


When you plans get stolen,

and your emails are breached.

When everything personal,

is out there and leached.


When camera’s turn on,

and microphones listen.

When the banking’s not done,

and the kids gone corupting.




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