Fourteenth of four when the volatilities gone poor.

I see our VIX,

a mighty jinx,

To tell us to sin,

and when another policy begin.


Governments cannot loose,

they just go and change their shoes.

Policies are always used,

to reach agreement that none can refuse.


refute refuse,

refire rehose.

The four quadrants of,

a populous refuge.


So if gold the question,

whats the answer?

Hoarding, saving

wearinging it om ya.


Its a feeling

of sucess and wealth,

its the kind of thing

that dwells deep in our earth.


The precious metal

contained within,

Can’t be eaten, drank, wait,

your saying it can? !!!


What people do,

is destroy perceptions,

Of whats worthy and waistful,

headed for trashbining.


Some say diamonds,

some say gold,

I say silver,

its batteries are the dolls!


Platnium, Platonium Ytrium Cobolt,

theses are the precious four,

when it comes to values..



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