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A Rambling Blogger Pogger

You may not HAVE time to read this thread,
Or check to see if your best friends dead.
You may be worried about how you look,
Or how on earth your to finish that book.

You might be HERE wondering why,
Whats so special in the sky.
Which direction and whats it shape,
knowing were are all about to escape.

Its our mind that traps us in,
Forcing ourselves not to GRIN.
The frequency that alternates how,
drives mu waves into a drooping jowl.

But wonder which,
now you switch,
TURN it around,
then sweeten the sound.

in so I HOPE,
my automatic scope,
shows you who I am,
making you a fan.

Let me say one last thing,
I’d love for it to KEEP it in.
Bring a brush and stick to tea,
And remind your self to trottle your threes.
Purrmeow Finger

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