Riding the golden horse

Ride the golden horse,

for things are growing coarse,

we might not be high on horse,

but the tracks are growing – into a course.


There is fake news,

bad advice,

While everyone needs to think on it,

more than once or twice.


We ride away our days of pain,

of memories that it may contrain,

And let it go into the ether,

where Jesus words sway upon the teacher.


I dont know,

but I’ve been told,

this land of plenty,

could easily fold.


The people gouging upon the beast,

living high and cutting beef.

thinking nothing upon the day,

only to undermine our pay.


Give give,

give give,

inflections directions perceptions,



I’d never known,

a grace bestowed,

nor killed a man,

as this god knows.





Now its time for a cup of tea.


For mumbo jumbo,


get all worked up,

heating up you and me.


And gods good grace,

sees the truth,

in all our consciousness,

he binds the youth.


Faith, fate, feathers too,

all contain our good gods hue.

blessed the mother, blessed the child,

time to improve things, and walk a mile.


Force for good,

forced into evil,

the boss says jump,

but I hear jumper cable.


Rattling on,

like he likes his voice,

lording it over,

his made his choice.





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