Unpopular points

The unpopular point,

about the Putin push,

is that the Ukraine Cossacks,

wanted better prospects.


Putin wants,

the pipe to go through,

and an excuse for war,

comes in handy too.


So much hate,

so many poor,

so many suffering,

from the Covid crawl.


Its swept through the people,

its swept through the land,

As the peeps become sheep,

the hardwares abandon.


These things expire,

they lose their edge,

and new things desire,

some room to be said.


Ukraine gave up,

all their nukes,

Manage the door,

as the guys debutes.


Its run by a comic,

run by the west,

who set them all up,

for a little blood lest.


Listen to media,

listen to news,

they’re all deluded,

trying to keep us confused.


This long running battle,

its fixed,

its bad,

those that control – the narrative of have’s.


More war for peace,

more donations to come,

hold your hand out,

the suckers will run.


They stand there yelling,

hoping they’d leave,

but infact what they want,

is just a repreave.


These men are toxic,

they pickup their gun,

they have no faith,

the new race has begun.


A race for awareness,

a race for peace,

stop using fossils,

grow vegetables not meats.


They want their gas,

they want their power,

they want to continue,

in driving forever.


Its just a huge joke,

to rebuild better,

kill a few off,

making collateral fever.


The west love peace,

to oppress the people,

why they rob us blind,

creating the theatre.


Destroying the land,

bombing the buildings,

all will be forgiven,

as we get new leaders.


But the lessons not learnt,

welcome the guests,

forgive our trespassers,

provide and help them rest.


Win their hearts,

convince their minds,

until we all convert,

they’ll continue their crimes.


Raping the planet,

hanging onto power,

Those money men making,

a killing on flower.


Keep stiring the pot,

keep hope at a low,

make them all worry,

till we have another show.


Sanctions and freezings,

restrictions and bans.

Does anyone think,

these thing make the mans?


Its kudos and love,

respect for what’s right.

Blessings be banished,

over desire for fight.


Russian exist,

not for their dollar,

they’re not traveling abroad,

they’re not yelling in horror.


Do they think it will,

change the world?

another catch phrase bill,

and the cruel world holler.


Just make peace,

and forgive our trespasses,

If were left with nothing,

the holy will fill ya’s.



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