Third of the first, twenty twenty two.

Lets see how its on the other shoe.


The other side,

the one accessible,

Like heads on a dime,

or the tail of a crucible.


Don’t we all,

have a look under,

when were wondering how,

when and where ya?


What’s it made from,

from where’s it come,

who turned their hand,

welded the withins of a can.


who blew the bottles,

capped the cans,

glued the corners,

shielded the fans.


Who cleared those filters,

oiled those belts,

replaced those relays,

sealed all the melts.


Where was it sourced?

When do think it was made?


Was it done on a Wednesday?

Was it originally displayed?


Brand new,

seasonally sourced,

organically grown,

loved then remorsed.


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