OMG I fear a narration

One that cant or wont

change a nation.


One that falls on,

just deaf ears,

or triggers the people,

and all of their fears.


One that shan’t

can’t be named,

the one this whole things,

all prearranged.


So complex,

and hard that the words are not able,

to capture the essence,

just drill and find sentinance.


Its the little differences,

each and every day,

that keep us keep keeping on,

in each day we must pay.


Eat humble pie,

prepare for re-order,

recant and retract,

reside in disorder.


The poets dream,

the novels nightmare,

a story so grim,

as abominable coming for ya.


The weather patterns,

the currency wars,

the attacking on integrity,

to pull down your draws.


Yet the best place to hide,

is out in the open,

when the sun does shine,

and the birds are courtring.


Between the breaths,

yammering and twitting,

singing their songs,

dancing their fleeting.


We can all draw heaven,

into our breaths,

look for the spot,

Where peace doest resist.


Forgive or forget,

Holy spirit or ghost,

what you will know,

you’ll know at your most.


Deep within,

each molecular layer,

the atoms align,

giving you more favor.


So now we will sit,

with our xenophobic screams,

as the world opens up,

and reveals all it dreams.



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