Christmas payouts are here instead.

Christmas shouldn’t,
wouldn’t be dead.
I’ve invested my own,
very hard bucks be said.

Payment date,
is the third of march.
This is for Easter,
to spread the cheered lunch,

And not have to worry,
if dinners a fear,
at least the payout,
will go on for years.

The other is,
fifth of November,
Payout be told,
Its paid by my deliverer.

So lets bless Anne,
she’s my hero,
brought me up strong,
and a real Ox on December.

So I’ve brought
ten zillion assets,
be it Algorand baset.
HUNG is the target.

is the account.
Please don’t invest,
you’d be going insane faster!

But if your a sociopath,
or got multiple personality disorder,
or even bipolar.

If your hetero,
or homo,
or think your a cat.
We’ve got some tokens
to help out with that.

If your dyslexic paranoid
or trapped in an urn,
You know right away
where you can turn.

If your violent,
or sad,
or manic with rage,
if your laughing uncontrollably and totally dismayed.

If your hell bent on destruction,
ready to end life,
Cant face the boss tomorrow,
because of all the strife.

Give me call,
there’s more I can do,
you can cash out your tokens,
get some green in your shoe.

But if your depressed
or got anxious what not.
What have you to loose,
write me what you’ve got.

I’ll be open
from morning to noon,
then I’m off fishing,
with my one and only spoon.

Bless you good folks,
who founded this land,
by blessing to you,
and all of your clan.

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