Lie lie and many more lies

Lie lie and many more lies,
I see them everywhere,
they’re like flaming flies.

People tell me,
They make it true,
But the payoff has made me wonder,
Why breech over a coo.

They want a new leader,
a benevolent one,
Who’ll listen intently,
although they be dumb.

Someone who wants peace their way,
Not have to defend it,
every bloody day.

They want someone they can talk to,
someone who’ll see the person,
they’ve turned into.

Yet someone who know,
what they are,
And expects them to go far.

Develop their skills,
work on their plot.
maintain relationships – at war we are not.

But when we look out,
at say to each other,
This place is shit,
I’d rather another.

“There are too many people,
“this is something I know is true.”

Trying building up hatred,
and use resentment as a fuel.

Just turn your back,
ignore the sod,
They’ll not be back,
before grinding their rod.

I’ll walk it off,
hide away,
why so many people,
refuse to play.

Just bring you down,
and wrecking the day,
hoping your mercy,
will end their delay.

So I’m ready to cry,
there’s tears up in there.
Just need someone,
to trigger the fear.

Trigger the hatred,
trigger the fear,
trigger the desire,
to run and hide dear.

Once a meditator,
always meditator,
let come within,
And think about this day,
well before it begins.

What people need,
is what you have.
Energy to burn,
And a moral guiding plan.

You can keep your tough love,
been through that.
Might be nice at the time,
But it all comes crashing back.

And in a time,
when the youths took over.
Replaced their parents,
hurrayed them as drover.

But now,
since its all outsourced.
Leaving the parents,
its a kind of sport.

Not the kind,
where they beat you down,
Just the type,
they put underground.

Or burn’em up,
in an uber hot pot.
Spreading the ashes,
no more guts to knot.

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