Twenty twenty one and its a world without pun

Twenty Twenty One,
A world without pun.
Hope you but didn’t think,
that your the only one.

Satisfaction unattainable reprieves unstageable.
The gate has opened the horses have bolt.
Next stop gents,
is its southerly bent.

Mainly ocean,
mainly sea.
Mainly Men,
who won’t drink tea.

Were the lucky ones,
stuck down under.
Listening to God,
through all his thunder.

Who transpires within,
whilst standing alone.
Saying to themselves,
I’m home home home.

Home is where the heart will lay,
yet who’s promoting this vertical play.
Standing straight and standing tall.
Let the light hit you right down to the floor.

Photonic sinterings at play right here,
Working the skin and the bones my dear.
Praying for help praying for sense,
praying you’ll wake up to the sound made in tents.

Albeit that your a foster child,
missing your role missing a mile.
Getting shoveled back and forth,
taking each moment as a brand new force.

Sure I been lucky to see this all,
and rise above it like each and every fall.
But as the end approaches me,
and I scribble down just more insanity.

My tack is not to mention them,
I’ll jib and jive around the bend.
But all those hits that I’ve sustained,
left an indelible mark deranged.

Those leather belts those wooden sticks,
All those weapons and thrown tit bits.
Its funny how they like to squirm,
around what they thought – was their turn.

But as with everything that we do.
being the last is uncool too.
So I never once hit my kids,
spite and resentment was not up for bids.

So yelling never got a look,
frustrated me never got a hook.
I state the obvious,
its common sense.

But I’d smoke myself,
into oblivion … or else.

I’d read about personal growth,
reading literature like no one else.
Tried working out how we were built,
what had happened, why love lost out.

But until I truly loved and lost
Gotten sick and was by myself.
starving hungry sleep deprived.
I never knew that I was barely alive.

I hadn’t shed a tear in years,
hadn’t learned to love my peers.
I thought that I had mastered it,
but I fooled myself – a successful shit.

But through the grapevine you will hear,
reflections and reverberations on how your dear.
How your frail and how your not,
how your going and how you’ll rot.

I couldn’t change perceptional me.
I could only carry on like it was all free.
learned to grinace learned to wrile,
learned to take this language a mile.

taught myself chemistry,
following up with biology.
Physics was my one true love,
but maths makes and takes this – way above.

Commuting in,
and crowding out,
our teeth designed,
there is no doubt.

These thing take many many years,
are formed through hard work and many fears.
Apparently mine are very thick,
The X-ray’s wont make it through – so that’s it.

Instead I developed a tapping fix,
Just bite your teeth,
and make a click.

Feel the sensation running through,
Then adjust your mouth,
moving through.

Knowing God is the thing to do.
But teeth’ll stop you,
any pain’ll do.

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