First thirteen of Jan you are wry

Today I’ll talk just off the cuff,
Not thinking or planning that very much.
I’ve made mistakes that I’ll make again,
But this time round I’ll try avoid the pain.

I’ve learn to walk when there’s first sight,
learned first contact of a pleasant delight.
I know my sixes and sexes as well,
Seems its same there on Siris
– where we share the same spell.

Photonic attraction,
Electrical resistance.
Harmonic distortions,
Benevolent assistance.

Thirteens unlucky,
I hear them say.
But when have you heard a baker,
throw that extra loaf away?

Its bread and the bees,
with the queen on her knees.
Begging for the insanity to stop,
please please please.

The birds have spoken,
I listen to their lot.
They’re telling me,
that the birds go to stop.

French birds are different,
They’re rare and they’re gay.
They are used to seeing,
the birds raised in may.

So with both my birds,
I give a double salute.
People cant think clearly,
when your hiding the loot.

You’ve buried the treasures,
hidden the keys.
Told no one,
of the blessings received.

Its Mind over matter,
Hope over hell.
Try shutting off,
from a loud ringing bell.

The TV’s blaring,
the laws getting cut,
There’s motors running,
and heaps of barking mutt.

Your backs protected,
your standing up,
stringing together,
what’s left in your cup.

What have you spilt,
what did you leave.
what needs repairing?
Who’s wearing sleeves?

Lets take out the garbage,
clean up our plot.
Turning heads onto salvation,
starting with each microscopic dot.

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