Twenty sixth of eleventh, its a free for all.

Twenty sixth eleventh
sounded the bell
twins pipes allowed
and a ray from hell

The timing was right
but the results were wrong
no one know howto
even spit out one song

Fear set in
as they grew in doubt
Uncertainty kept
them cold stiff’n stright.

For a hundred thousand years
proportions grew
and they told their kids
things they’d never knew

No one left to say a word
just arranging patterns
some say it left the herd

All those beautiful videos
explaining their ways
To get understanding
of all but these days.

Abstracted concepts
Aristotelian views
Platonic solids
and peoples shorter fuse

Its the straw that broke
the camels back
But who wants that
on their consciences dyadic

Ptolemy Descartes Euler and more
tried to describe
the reality – at their door

But Einstein Feynman and Wernher von Braun
all had much better tools
And a passion
for more n.

So now were stepping on
much more matter
As it transcends
to make us much better

Grasping hold
of that allusive spark
Then controlling it just
letting it bust loose and buck

Being such an alliterating linguist
I take such pride in my ability to vanquish
But when I let all the words go
and there’s not even a thought
or a word I might know.

Who could help me?
who could show?
That there’s many more moments
that we don’t even know.

Not written down anywhere
where would you start
describing the experts
their names making a great part.

It Gaussian theory, De Sitter space
Kirchhoff’s law and a super secular race.
Sentinel beings with succinct instincts
Knowing the difference or can similarity stinks.

or an artificial mess
Either way
persist or besiege me zest

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