God, Its ten Eleven twenty twenty already.

Hi God,
I’m here to say.
How much longer,
do I have to pray.

I asked for peace,
and your best behaviour.
You gave me rhymes
and oxymorons.

How much longer do I wait,
before granting me some more levitate.
How much longer do I wait,
before your great one returns to abate.

I asked you before
and I’ll ask you again.
How much longer,
when is when.

I know you said to grab the phone,
use the left while all alone.
Thumb in ear and pinky on lips,
neck tilted gently – wait for the blips.

Listen! – Don’t write
I told you so,
But there you go,
running your own show.

This is between you and me,
the internet will break you – just wait and see.
See what its done – to you already.
The C’s look like Q’s and their see queueing already.

Com’on lets go,
why the wait.
Get on the phone,
lets have that debate.

Its just between God and me,
Jesus Christ Cost.
Is a trinity indeed.

Jesus Cost Christ,
and Jesus Christ Cost.
Isn’t and Arn’t
were never best brothers.

Random is as random does,
Heaven help those without glove.
They dance at the gates,
banner their heads.

And you deprive me,
of some of their deaths.
Its the mothers and brothers
sisters and others.

The kids final hopes,
or dummies do dictate.
when your best bet is Snopes.
or your mates turns irate.

Emotional rescue,
curtailed within.
Hope in a Christ
only ever begins.

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