N-e-g-a-t-i-v-e E-m-o-t-i-o-n-s

The eddie currents,

are at it again.

The positron’s turning,

And its not for bringing us rain.


Sort it out,

bring it back in.

that attention you’ve shown,

should have provided a grin.




Earthings neutral,

enjoy some tea.


Enemies will teach,

friends will bleed.

family stick around,

as long as there’s mead.


Regressions transpire,

bring us a lot.

If something goes wrong,

pick any damn plot.


The best pages,

are yet to come.

But the best of the years,

was a rallying hot run.


Now I can see,

which lives matter.

Now I can see,

everyone splatters.


Its the perfect,

disappearing act.

To topple and fall,

and get back on track.


Everyone will,

have ridden you off.

They will all think,

you gone off to scoff.


Not to cry and whimper,

regretting your life.

Hoping that next time,

you’ll avoid all the strife.


Asert ascend,

ascertain your ascent.

derive decent,

whenever your bent.





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