You heard it here

I’ve got to thank the call,

from our national representives floor.

They called to say good luck,

But they’ve got heaps unstuck.


They can not see the plan,

as it unfolds for our common man.

Competitive interest only,

Our Nationals gone phoney.


Politely shunning you,

fobbing all you do.

Hoping that you fail,

so their land goes up in value.


Feining an interesting nice,

while hidding off in disguise.

Behind close doors they lock,

While faking their love of flock.


So as far as ideal’s go,

and when prevention stops the show.

Where’s the help indeed?

when no-ones lending steeds..


So sorry to all my friends,

And those who that depend on thems.

I’ve tried my hardest yet,

but the worlds a cruel baguette.


So before I go,

I’ll give to you.

All the code,

and the things to do.


It’s all going open source,

and my future now is in reverse.

So I’ll publish until I’m totally horse,

Or until they reinvent the course.



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