A double BLM with cheese please.

Have you heard,

on the news.

George Floyd,

was stopped to move.


Black lives matter,

So why’s he dead?

before his time,

gutted not fed.


As if it’s not,

been beaten into me.

That racism sucks,

as a clog wog cream.


It’s a sport,

to challenge your mates.

how much of a devil,

you advocate.


Corporal education,

marshalling lines.

Condonings sins,

Canoning them high.


The strap,

the rod.

We never spared,

putting someone hungry to bed.


But can we scream,

or do we weep.

Can we walk,

down a happy street?


Its depressing,





But the wiser people knew,

that the fear was in there too.

It wasn’t going away,

so its our job to decide its fate.



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