Hexing dream

A hexing dream,

of times that ween.

Intellectual spectical,

of weighted hextactical.


Then today,

as I awoke.

I stared at clock,

and almost choked.


Six of the sixth,

twenty twenty.

My how June,

brings heavens sently.


Must be the time,

to properly prep.

grap the props,

and just reset.


Hunger sets,

and my stomaches grown.

Fasting for Fi,

has never been known.


So like most things

that I think.

Unless I try them,

I’d be a fink.


So fasting for Fi,

and some intense prayer.

With just a touch of,

insence in the air.


Some healing oils,

some floral extracts.

Some tapping and slapping,

some straightening of backs.


Phrenology and reflectology,

the gastroenterologist monopoly.

Bank all taken printing junk.

Ensuring we will all be sunk.


Save yourself GeeJay C.,

Have another cup of tea.

Help someone when you can,

By speaking out with words of Zen.






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