Suffer Suffer be oppressed

Suffer Suffer

be oppressed,

You not the same,

as all the rest.


Suffer Suffer

be oppressed

Doesnt your culture

allow you to rest.


You stand in lines,

wait on phones,

fill in forms,

look for drones.


But under all the,

tech know ledge e.

Under all the,

good will thats free.


There’s still many,

hell bent to rot.

Because lies and insults,

is all they got.


Judging others any opportunity,

to assert their power,

and wrong

the rightly.


Your right,

your best,

you know,

the rest



if you stopped to read,

could I assert,

you’d be reduced to seed?


All the voodoo,

and all the curse.

Aint going to put,

this thing in reverse.


You worry about,

names and culture,

Because your faulty,

worried about dower.


You dont think,

its a shared responsibility.

To pick each other up,

and want what was peace again.


uniquely unique,

equisitely petite.

Universally loved,

as it fits like a glove.


Hands and hugs,

cups and mugs.

get a grip,

or let it rip.


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