Flappy unfoldings

When doing origami,
on a slice of wet salami.
Your folds not straight,
why hestitate,
let that ruler tooler fool ya.

When looking at unicorns,
Frowning looking scorned,
just remember,
Its not december,
Christmas’s got lots of people before ya.

When scramblings flappy birds,
And looking at the herds,
Your bound to weap,
a little will seep,
yet miracles provided.

Setting solo sales,
out amongst the whales,
might not be smart,
But who’ll hear your fart?
Except shippings vesels departed.

Pinching pigeons pirates,
might not make penguins delighted,
But never the less,
You’d have to guess,
It’d make parrot pilots fly less.

Happy Henry Holden,
made himself a great big cauldron.
When it wasn’t on boil,
he dipped in the foil,
Just so it lit up the ceiling.

Captain orange peel,
Didn’t know what to steal.
He wanted virginity,
to be not so damn wierderly,
So he bought himself absolution divinity.

Jack from the Jiffy pack,
Didn’t know who to sack.
He wanted his mate,
To go mind the gate,
so he told his main man to rack.

Peter the pumpkin cleaner,
didn’t know where’s the feeder.
So he grabbed his cleanex,
wrapped it into an x,
And proceeded to use it with steamer.

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