Security as a scam

Security is a scam,
I’ll let you know.
Its a good one albeit,
its a time tested show.

But where do you go,
when getting ripped off.
To others who are trained,
into delaying their scoff.

Why not just
get the best,
Its the seventeenth of the fifth
Its bound to exist.

not present,
possible or able.
Maybe you’ve been too long in the stable.

If its so good,
And others ‘ll see
best thing to happen
since sliced bread or tea.

Why not stand back,
And hold in the reigns.
If gods been so kind,
to all of your brains.

surely he’ll provide,
a place for thee.
Next to the goldfish,
With his whole family.

Its shows since your with him,
all of his days.
Now he tires of you,
so burdened you with praise.

Or like when you asked
for the answers to this land
And he gave you so much
You still trying to under stand

You bend over backwards,
your pinch your own cheeks.
Your gathering with no-one,
awaiting the weaks.

You’ve cried all alone,
You’ve worked really hard.
You kept Mum and her moans,
And a tidy back yard.

You’ve been on the roller coster,
thrown under the bus.
called everything
from shithead to rust.

You’ve learnt all the words,
And now how to spell.
So now you realise,
your in charge of the nothings spell.

A hole in the ground,
and column of air.
All of your meaning lays,
just as a haze of rare.

Because knowledge is power,
You’ll here them say.
Because they’ve lost it,
thinking they were paid.

The money just serves,
as another derivitive.
spoken about,
like a life thats been lived.

With interest and trust,
Terms and faces.
When will we learn,
It just holds our places.

When the money runs out,
and the weather sets in.
After the tears subside
and there is learning within.

And as much as I’d say
lucky to be
the feelings about it
seem to evade me

But money is power
and so people beg
what do they do with it
I’ve always said

They’ll feed their faces,
drink their woes.
If theres enough,
anything goes.

So what better way,
to expand the land.
Than make it free,
so we all can.

Be free to wander,
not speak and chat.
look at one another,
offering this or that.

I’d love to accept,
any gratitude.
Because spilling guts internationally,
shouldn’t be abused.

You’ve got questions,
you want explainations.
you want some attention,
to be loved or in graces.

I’d love to help,
I’d cherrish the chance.
But right now I’ve got,
others to dance.

They’re still postulating,
vying and worse.
Negotiating power,
Like its a curse.

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