Phooey fifth of the fifth, twenty twenty.

Fifth of the fifth,
twenty twenty.
How will I post,
and love you plenty?

fifth of the fifth,
twenty twenty,
maybe today
you’ll learn to be saintly.

Fifth of the fifth,
for my mum and dad.
Its been fifty five years,
Of each other they’ve had.

Fifth of the fifth,
I’ll count it again,
Till you all grow up,
And show some restrain.

Fifth of the fifth,
Its time for my ramble.
Doesn’t pay much,
But its stopping me gamble.

Fifth of the fifth,
Feelings in shambles.
Rhetorics gone bonkers,
Thoughts taking ages.

Fifth of the fifth,
twenty twenty,
All contained,
In the land of plenty.

Fifth of the Fifth.
But you cant go out.
Twenty Twenty,
Flying in doubt.

Well, now we come to the tragic bit.
There was no way of stopping it.

Fifth of the fifth twenty twenty,
Rhyming and chiming With feathers and honey.
Coffee and cake – Creams and scone.
Where in the hell – did they go wrong.

Liberal alliances and union thugs,
greenies protesting bout what nobody does.
Medical resources steady and wait,
The war machine is just pausing deabate.

Fifth of the fifth,
twenty twenty.
Shed a tear,
come back for your empty.

The way it finishes,
as it always has,
Is with a geez as christ.
as it always had.

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