Apologies and sorries,
My plans have gone away.
They’ll be no world take over,
No new worlds planned today.

We’ve canceled plans for world peace,
Cancelled meets and greets,
We’ve cancelled all the giddy-ups,
And done away with tweets.

There’s no more mars No more stars.
Our dreams have gone away.
Heaven help our motive,
Its just another day!

There all not buying nor sanguifying,
Just distilling willy-nilly.
There all not crying,
just sighing and frying – the newses not gone away.

Sorry to let you down old boy,
Sorry to take your wind.
You’ll have another time to shine,
Just wait another weekend.

Cant you see the times not right,
The people don’t get out of bed.
And when they go out to see the postman,
Most them look quite dead.

The long faces the dreary laces,
Why did you want to rule?
They’re all trying to become,
a social media tool,

Who are you trying to fool my friend,
Who are you trying to kid.
My reactions wouldn’t matter to you,
It’s all the fear and mongering you did!

No not today – don’t be afraid.
I’ll still be there for you,
Just put a cap on that first attack,
I think that’s what you aught-a do.

Were back to going being bonkers,
Back to being barely sane.
Were not doing a take-over,
I’d rather walk in these golden rays.

Daffy Doosh

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