Twenty four twenty twenty

Its twenty four twenty twenty,
Its time for a lot more poetry.
If you haven’t tried,
Your not asking your why’s.
or developing your twenty twenty.

Now let me talk to you gently,
Tell you whats okay to rent-ly.
If it increases the cost,
and things start to frost.
Take it back, citeing it unmeantly.

Its twenty four twenty twenty,
The day we gave up veracity.
Its an obvious truth,
a continuous struth.
Hell’s frozen over – reached capacity.

Welcome to our glorious century,
Fires and floods a plenty.
The virus’s out,
There’s no more to tout.
Our kids will just have learn lent-ly.

Its twenty four twenty twenty,
Welcome to the land of plenty.
We’ve got some grapes,
Were pulling the drapes.
Powering up the automated sentry

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