Help, I need somebody help, not just anybody – help… I need a friend – help …. dun a dun a dun a dun…


So I wanted to contribute an service application to help people get support from their care group.

I call it exvulnerable and it will be where vulnerable people can squwark out to their support group with a simplified interface, multiplatform, decentralized and asynchronously providing centralized control of disabled, elderly and infirm patients to their  loved ones. I see this project consuming much more of my time so if my ranting take on more of a project role managing a caring career, so be it.

Please press squwark away.

might be better than a UBI one day!



assertive action agency

every morning I wake up with sound,
seek a mirror and stand profound.
Seeing how I need to raise my crown,
Yet keep the ears close to the ground.

I go ahead and make the sound,
Rolling my r’s and saying the hour.
Seeing that the lips have all the power,
for vowels and the jowles arn’t just for the fowls.

I say it deep,
from that we reap,
and obtain position,
on the heap.

I take deep breaths and feel the pain,
centerness not easily attained.
I check my spirit as a feeble brand.
Grab the brush,
have a scratch for man.

So I kneel to type onto this hype,
and give it all my personal type,
They pressure the young and hate the old,
and a law for the pretentiously Obstreperously bold.

No bowing, no humble, best that noone mumble,
Dont bend, dont twist, best not to resist.

Just press that sphynx into a point,
just not to hard or you’ll make an oink.
Toward that center you quietly quote.
And now you know, you can quietly vote.

Keep my options on my side,
and staying mum to maintain my hide.
why dont you dig and bury then dive,
And drink to that water that benefits our hive.

Posture Posture Posture inside,
Noone to blame for your slouching pride.
Whats the aim, what the need,
Where are the hands to be placed indeed.

even handed, dont stretch too far,
level headed, tell tales of tar.
rubber, plastic, the hyperbole,
folding, weaving and a winding hole.

You place your construct from whats about,
In that way you’ll work it out.
Capacitor, inductor, resonance too,
who cares about an magnetic fool.

But after using it on myself,
Its better than drugs if your going to belch.
Now the stretch for clicks, pops and crunch.
Hopefully we’ll be clear by lunch.

hear the tone, see the inflection,
lets go make another invention.
a maker baker quaker shaker,
postures best when no ones rakes ya.

So I bless myself with all that claim,
They have a dream I can exclaim.
We want a world of love and hope,
smarter people not military scope.

So cross your pinal with your thumb,
stretch the vagus best get it done.
your free to do what ever you please,
peace be upon you – free of disease.