The stooged goose supposition.

The stooged goose supposition,

as it stands.

has made more time,

to take more stands.


I here,

on the other hand,

had to disbandon,

like any man can.


They’ve got you tricked,

they’ve got you beat.

No one knows,

how to handle the heat.


Supposing you had to be,

smart for a day,

sucking on eggs,

thesaurus’s at bay.


Thissing and Thinging,

Whollopping whoop.

Crying and Boiling,

in your own flaming soup.


You’re learning linguistics,

become a polimath.

learn other languages,

musics got your back.


History tells you,

it different this time.

However horrible,

There’s always that same crime.


So who’s the stooge,

who eaten their boot.

Who’s singing up hard,

To thicken their loot.


I’m no expert,

no savanted guru’ed charm.

But damn it you hypocrites,

Im no barnyard psalm.


So on sissing and slurping you dears,

go on cussing and hugging with tears.

go on bleeding and brusing you lot.

go on selling and shilling your rot.



You can vote with your feet,

or vote with your eyes.

But voting will be nothing,

without the cries of goodbyes.



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