Distopic novelty game for the minds wit

Again I sit to make a game,

ensure that its fun to play,

bringing insights along the way.


I’ve mixed it up,

not to be obvious,

to the new and the old its quite daft.


Now lets see how you go,

turn our wheel around

so D’s below.


Now swap that D in your head,

now make up words

that T’s used to have.


Addendion, Temocrads, Republicans and frients.

ant all you cool cads,

spinning your bads.


Your bowling and badding,

bud dhads nod your week,

Your fielting and grount keeping is where you should seek,


Now with some practice,

start your rhyme,

and for christs sake – take your time..


Now widh some pracdice,

sdard your rhyme,

ant for chrisds, sake – dake your dime.


Accepding atticdions,

is where we coult go,

Just furdher enrichings as Gods visions showet.


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